What Does It Mean to Be Audited by the IRS?

What Does It Mean to be Audited by the IRS - Rush Tax Resolution

If you receive an IRS notice, it can be extremely stressful. But what does it mean to be audited by the IRS? What are your options to resolve it?  An audit from the IRS is not necessarily routine, but it isn’t something to immediately fear, either. If you aren’t being audited by the IRS, then …

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How Far Back Can the IRS Audit You?

How Far Back Can the IRS Audit You? - Rush Tax Resolution

How far back can the IRS audit you? Here’s what you should know about the IRS audit process, and what to do if you receive a notice. One of the IRS’s main functions is to investigate tax fraud. The government has a vested interest in tackling tax fraud, even more so than tax negligence or …

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Tax Avoidance vs Evasion: The Fine Line

Tax Evasion vs Avoidance - Rush Tax Resolution

Taxes can be difficult to understand and manage, and they are made even more confusing with the very fine line between tax avoidance vs. evasion. There is a fine albeit significant line between tax avoidance and tax evasion – one allows you to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year on taxes, while …

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The IRS Audit Process: 7 Things to Know

IRS Audit Process - Rush Tax Resolution

Understanding the IRS audit process is essential to determine your best course of action against an audit. Here’s what to know. There are few things scarier than the prospect of being audited by the government for your hard-earned money, especially when the result might be a heftier tax bill. Thankfully, IRS audits aren’t as scary …

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What Triggers an IRS Audit?

What Triggers an IRS Audit - Rush Tax Resolution

The mere chance of an IRS audit can feel terrifying – not knowing what you owe and why would put anyone at unease, and the idea that the weight of the government lies behind the inquiry further fuels that fear. But what triggers an IRS audit? IRS audits often quite straightforward, and they’re also somewhat …

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What Does VSC Mean? Read This Great Review to Find Out

ANOTHER GREAT REVIEW ★★★★★ 09/18/2018 … Nothing could compare to the stress, a notice from the IRS could give you. I mean I had sleepless nights and almost went into depression. On my way back home from a long drive from LA, I heard Rush Tax Resolution being advertised on the radio and how they …

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