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IRS tax lien issues and enforcement measures are all based on federal law. That’s why it is so important to have the most experienced and knowledgeable tax relief attorneys on your side.


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What Is a Tax Lien?

Tax liens, filed through county clerks in the county where you live or where you do business, are public records stating that you have an outstanding federal or state tax debt.


Liens can be a real problem for several reasons:

    • – Liens can make it very hard for you to secure credit and borrow against your property.
    • – Tax liens may also make it difficult for you to be approved for an auto loan.
    • – They can also make it hard for you to sell your property or refinance as long as the lien appears on your public record.
    • – Damage your credit report.


Tax Lien Removal and Release

What Is a Tax Lien and Tax Lien Removal - Rush Tax Resolution

Certainly, tax terms and law can be very intimidating and confusing. For instance, a federal tax lien is very different from tax levy in that a lien encumbers property to secure the payment of a tax whereas a levy is the actual act of seizing property.


At Rush Tax Resolution, we know how to vigorously fight for our clients to stop the IRS or State from filing a tax lien in the first place.  If one has already been filed, we know how to negotiate the proper resolution to have the lien taken off. It is imperative that you know all your legal rights and get the help you need before you are adversely affected. This is why many employ tax lien removal and relief from our expert attorneys and enrolled agents.



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