Myth: The IRS Hands Out Offers in Compromise Like Oprah Handed Out Cars on Her Giveaway Shows!

Oprah Meme And you get an Offer in Compromise

The IRS released its annual ‘Dirty Dozen’ campaign, renewing a warning about companies sometimes referred to as Offer in Compromise ‘mills’. The IRS notes that these ‘mills’ aggressively promote Offers in Compromise (OIC) and create the illusion that the IRS hands these out like Oprah handed out free cars on her big giveaway shows – …

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Trigger Warning! Top IRS Audit Triggers

There are a lot of things that can trigger an IRS audit. Simply put, the IRS identifies them as red flags because they potentially increase the likelihood of one of two things – you are under-reporting income or over-reporting deductions. High-Income Taxpayers with Unsettled Debts: The IRS created the ‘High Wealth, High Balance Due Taxpayer …

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Word of the Day and Another Incredible Five Star BBB Review!

The IRS and ‘Customer Service’? The IRS isn’t exactly known for its customer service. The majority of calls to its ‘customer service’ line remain unanswered, despite the IRS being gifted a huge budget increase as part of the equally ironically named ‘Inflation Reduction Act’. We decided, out of curiosity, to look up the word ‘customer’ …

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They’re Baaaaaaack! The IRS’s ‘Pandemic Pause’ is Over

IRS and Scene from Poltergeist II 'They're Baaack'

The IRS is 2024’s ‘comeback kid’: According to IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel, the IRS is making strategic moves with its hefty funds from the Inflation Reduction Act. They’ve been channeling the money into revamping employee training and upgrading one of its oldest IT systems. Armed with nearly $60 billion in multi-year funds, the IRS is …

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A Hat Trick of Five Star BBB Reviews!

2 guys high fiving

Dealing with tax problems can be incredibly stressful, and we’re thrilled our team of Attorneys, CPAs and Case Managers were able to provide the help these 3 clients needed. Everyone at Rush is 100% dedicated to providing top-notch service and ensuring the best possible resolution for our clients. We really appreciate these AWESOME reviews shared …

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Another Fantastic Five Star BBB Review!

Confetti to celebrate another 5 star BBB review!

Another Great Review submitted to the BBB! Carrie W 5 stars 11/08/2023 We had a great experience with Rush Tax Resolution! Rush was wonderful to work with. They gave us comfort in knowing our taxes were being taken care of. Highly recommend!