More Absolutely Wonderful and Amazing Yelp Reviews!!

Thank you to our awesome clients Mike, Carl, Grant and Ted, for these glowing Yelp reviews!!

Mike J
5 Stars

Rush Tax Resolution.. Did an amazing job helping me dealing with my tax problem that I got myself into mean years ago.

Jessica Thomas did an outstanding job helping resolve this issue, so I was able to move forward with my life and take this weight off my shoulders that I had for a long time. She was very diligent in keeping me updated and what needed to be done next in order to achieve the best outcome for my problem. She was very responsive and went above and beyond.

Thank you Jessica for all your hard work resolving my tax problem, I really do appreciate you and the time you spent in handling my case.

Carl S
5 Stars

The service and quality received by Rush and my personal agent Jessica Thomas far exceeded my expectations and turned a stressful situation around quickly. I highly recommend Jessica and this team! Will use again for any potential future needs.

Grant S.
5 Stars

Rush Tax Resolution and Jessica Thomas in particular have made the stress of addressing back taxes become much more manageable and under control. The first step is to ask for help, and many of us need it after the difficult financial times resulting from the Covid years. Rush Tax passes no judgements on your situation, they just jump in and help resolve your issue, immediately, and to the very best of their ability. Jessica has been communicative, and explains in clear detail (and sometimes re-explains when I ask!) the steps that Rush Tax Resolution is taking to resolve and negotiate with the IRS. Thanks to Jessica and Rush Tax, a huge burden feels like it has been removed from my shoulders, and I’m in a good place moving forward. I give highest marks to Jessica and the team at Rush Tax Resolution for their professionalism, patience, and ability to always listen, thank you.

Ted A.
4 Stars

Rush Tax Resolution- Michael Glenn: Thank you for your professionalism and extra ordinary communication in helping resolve my tax issue. Working with the IRS is not an easy task. I don’t know if I would have been able to manage without your support. I now realize the worth of the service you provide. I appreciate the time and your dedication in helping me.

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