State Tax Garnishment Rules to Know 

state tax garnishment rules

When it comes to state tax garnishment rules, they are effectively non-negotiable. If you have an eligible income, you have a tax liability, and if you are self-employed, you will have to report and file your taxes diligently and single-handedly. But certain circumstances – from an ineligible deduction on a return to a penalty for …

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Can I Apply For IRS Debt Forgiveness?

IRS Debt Forgiveness - Rush Tax Resolution

Is there a way to receive IRS debt forgiveness? Yes, but only partially. True total tax debt forgiveness is only possible when a taxpayer’s account was erroneously charged more than it should have been (Doubt as to Liability), in which case the IRS may even issue a tax credit if it turns out you overpaid. …

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What Does VSC Mean? Read This Great Review to Find Out

ANOTHER GREAT REVIEW ★★★★★ 09/18/2018 … Nothing could compare to the stress, a notice from the IRS could give you. I mean I had sleepless nights and almost went into depression. On my way back home from a long drive from LA, I heard Rush Tax Resolution being advertised on the radio and how they …

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