California Payroll Taxes and Employer Responsibilities

Employer filling out California Payroll Taxes - Rush Tax Resolution

State payroll taxes differ from state to state and must be paid in addition to federal payroll taxes and any form of voluntary payroll deduction. Failure to withhold employee payroll taxes, failure to deposit your payroll tax payments, and failure to accurately file your respective quarterly tax returns and end-of-the-year tax reports can result in …

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Understanding Payroll Tax Management

Understanding Payroll Tax Management - Rush Tax Resolution

Payroll tax management is something every business needs to maintain success. But understanding how taxes work can be challenging and is essential if you are a small business owner starting to manage costs. Even if you outsource the legwork to your “tax guy,” a solid understanding of payroll is crucial because if something goes wrong, …

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5 Tips for Filing Your Employment Tax Returns

Employment Tax Returns - Rush Tax Resolution

Learn how to avail specific tax credits and get the relief your business needs. Read tips on how to properly file your employment tax returns with Rush Tax Resolution. Businesses must file quarterly or annual tax returns detailing what and how their employees were paid, and report wages withheld for payroll tax purposes (for Social …

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Deferred Payroll Taxes and COVID-19 Relief

Learn the ins and outs of the recent COVID-19 tax relief measures and how it may impact you and your company’s deferred payroll taxes.    In 2020, the government rolled out several COVID-19 relief measures, including Economic Impact Payments and several forms of tax relief. One particular option that has received little love from businesses, …

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Payroll Tax Relief Options for Employers

Payroll Tax Relief Options - Rush Tax Resolution

COVID-19 has created many uncertainties for employers. If you are a business owner or employer, here are payroll tax relief options to consider this year. With the new year come new tax considerations, as well as new aid for businesses aiming to stay afloat amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Although 2020 has ended, and even as …

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