Understanding CSED and Using It to Your Advantage

How to Use the CSED to Your Advantage - Rush Tax Resolution

Your filing status, income, choice of deduction, and any eligible exemptions, tax credits, and applicable refunds usually determine your tax liability. But with so many variables, there’s always the possibility that mistakes are made and additional taxes are owed. That, amongst other reasons, necessitated the calculated collection state expiration date (CSED). Whether it was a …

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How to Navigate a Tax Return Audit

How to Navigate a Tax Return Audit - Rush Tax Resolution

The IRS might need more personnel to audit every taxpayer who files a return with an error or a slight mistake, but it does try to investigate as many returns as possible. This results in hundreds of thousands of audited returns each year, representing a fraction of a percent of all taxpayer returns. Thus, your chances of getting audited …

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How to File Back Taxes Without Records

How to File Back Taxes Without Records - Rush Tax Resolution

Getting on the IRS’ bad side is never a good idea. But whether it’s due to a hectic work schedule, personal illness, or family emergencies, millions of Americans miss their Tax Day deadlines each year, drawing the IRS’s attention — and a little bit of financial ire. Maybe you misplaced your return, lost track of time, or …

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