How Long Are IRS Payment Plans?

how long are irs payment plans - rush tax resolution

How long are IRS payment plans? It may come as a surprise to most people, but tax debt is not uncommon. Americans owed an estimated $114 billion in back taxes in 2020 alone. Among federal employees alone, about 318,000 people are estimated to owe the IRS taxes, to the tune of a total of $3.3 …

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An Overview of Tax Breaks for Homeowners

Tax Breaks for Homeowners - Rush Tax Resolution

Owning a home is expensive. From mandatory and nondeductible expenses and fixed costs to the rising costs of home improvements – remodeling a bathroom alone cost an average of $13,400 in 2020 – homeowners win the security and legacy of a home of their own for an enormous annual expense sheet.  In addition to basic …

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IRS Letters: Tax Scam or Something You Need to Address?

IRS Letters- Tax Scam or Something You Need to Address? - Rush Tax Resolution

Your taxes contain an array of sensitive information, from financial data to your Social Security number or tax ID number. Because of this, there are many scams that unsavory characters attempt to perpetrate by impersonating the IRS or another tax authority. It can be difficult to tell when the IRS is really seeking information versus …

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