CBS KNX 1070 Veteran Anchor Personally Endorses Rush Tax Resolution

IRS Tax Attorney and Tax Relief Help - Rush Tax Resolution

Listen to our On Air Great Testimonials Jennifer York on Rush Tax Resolution We are very honored to have Jennifer York talking about Rush Tax Resolution on the radio. Jennifer York is the morning drive traffic anchor on KNX 1070. Her name is synonymous with traffic reporting with Southern Californians, having also reported traffic for …

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Get Rid of IRS Penalties

The long unbearable wait is finally over; football season is back! While watching some games this past Sunday, I couldn’t help but notice all of the penalty flags being thrown.  It seems like they were being thrown on just about every other play. For example, it has become virtually impossible for the defense to even touch …

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Rush Tax Resolution on WABC radio

Curtis Sliwa on WABC radio NY WABC NY host recommends Rush Tax Resolution Curtis Sliwa is known by millions as the founder and leader of The Guardian Angels. Moreover, he has greatly impacted the American way of life. Curtis refused to accept criminal activity.  So, he founded one of the world’s largest grassroots organizations.  Now, he is urging …

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