Does the IRS Refile a Tax Lien After 10 Years?

does the irs refile a tax lien after 10 years - rush tax resolution

Does the IRS Refile a Tax Lien After 10 Years? Taxpayers collectively owe the US government over $114 billion in back taxes – including hundreds of thousands of federal employees. However, just because the tax gap is substantial doesn’t mean that the IRS isn’t doing anything about it. In addition to ramping up audits in …

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California Middle Class Tax Refund (MCTR) Payments: What You Need to Know

California Middle Class Tax Refund - Rush Tax Resolution

The California Middle Class Tax Refund is a tax refund issued by the California Franchise Tax Board for taxpayers who sent in a 2020 tax return to provide financial relief during unprecedented inflation. An estimated 32 million Californian taxpayers have already benefited from the MCTR. Here’s what our team at Rush Tax Resolution recommends you …

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No More Personal Exemptions? Claim These 6 Tax Credits 

Young family man and woman checking household budget expenses to see if they qualify for personal exemptions - Rush Tax Resolution

Taxes can hit families pretty hard. It can be tough enough as it is to save up for the ongoing expenses of running a household, raising children, and managing the growing costs of childcare, education, medical treatment, and insurance for a multi-head household without the toll of high state and federal taxes. Thankfully, families with …

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California Earned Income Tax Credit: Benefits

Book that contains the benefits of the California Earned Income Tax Credit - Rush Tax Resolution

Let’s face it – most taxpayers don’t want to have to file their taxes. It’s cumbersome and difficult, and depending on your financial situation, number of sources of income, and number of dependents, it can be enormously complicated.   But failing to file a tax return might not only lead to hefty penalties but will also …

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