Thank You to Our Client, Teddy, for the AWESOME Five Star Review!!

5 Star Yelp Review


After doing a little research and reading a few reviews on the BBB website, I contacted RushTax to help me with my dire tax situation and after just one phone call I knew I made the right choice. I spoke with Joe and explained the mess I created and he assuaged my fears and assured me I was in good hands. And as God is my witness, RushTax was there for me and my family in ways I could ever imagine. The owner of the firm was available to me when and if I needed, but it was with Joe (my primary contact) and Shadi, the tax lawyer who personally handled my case, that I felt cared for and protected from start to finish. These people CARE about their clients and will fight for you no matter how bad you perceive your case to be. Shadi worked tirelessly on my case, was available day or night (even on weekends sometimes) and never made any promises that she did not intend on seeing all the way through. I feel truly indebted to her and Rush Tax and thankful that I was fortunate to have them advocate for me and to get me the resolution I desperately hoped would be possible and they delivered 100%. If you are lucky enough to be able to retain Rush Tax and to work with Shadi and the other great people at this firm, please do not waste another moment of your life and reach out to them as soon as possible. I hope this review finds you and that you heed this advice and call Rush Tax today…you won’t regret it I promise you. I’m indebted to them forever.