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This is No Big Secret …
Hiring a Tax Attorney is Expensive!

The question often arises, “Do I really need to hire a Tax Attorney for my tax situation?”

The answer is far more often than not, “No, you very possibly could be better off by using Enrolled Agents.

Rush Tax Resolution, is an “A” rated and “Accredited” professional services firm.  

We specialize in tax negotiation, asset protection, and tax relief.  This is all we do, every day.

Our staff includes 3 experienced Enrolled Agents, licensed by the US Dept. of Treasury, that consistently achieve tremendous results for our clients every single day.

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What is an Enrolled Agent?…                        

And, can he/she really help me?


An Enrolled Agent is a tax professional, licensed directly by the US Department of Treasury.

Many attorneys represent clients in a broad range of different areas, other than tax.

They do not concentrate on tax resolution cases only, as we do here.                                    

Every single day, we protect taxpayers’ assets, and help settle tax liabilities, often at only a fraction of what they owe.

Knowledge is power.  This is still America!  

We fight for your rights.

We offer a Free IRS transcript investigation and analysis up front, a $1,500 value.                

Knowledge is power.  And, this is still America!  We fight for your rights.                              

First of all, you have a right to know exactly what is in your IRS file.                                        

Secondly, you have a right to representation to arrive at the best possible resolution. 


Don’t shell out a ton of money to a tax attorney, without a Free consultation with us first.    




What if I Prefer to Have an Attorney?

Again, you may NOT need to hire a tax lawyer to solve your tax problems.                                  

Hiring an attorney may be much more expensive than necessary.  

Most attorneys require retainers, or charge substantial “hourly” fees.  

However, if your case could truly benefit by using an attorney, or just prefer having an attorney, no problem.                          

Our firm can provide you with a top notch attorney that specializes in your specific tax issue to work together with us.

Top 10 Categories we help taxpayers with every day, at very reasonable rates,

without clients having to hire and pay for an Attorney, include:

  1. Wage Levy Release
  2. Bank Levy Release
  3. Asset Protection
  4. Offer in Compromise / Fresh Start Programs
  5. Penalty Abatement
  6. Audit Representation
  7. Payroll Tax Issues (940/941)
  8. Corporate Tax Issues
  9. Sales Tax
  10. Negotiating Lowest Payment Plans Possible


Here is our Recommendation:

First, call us for a free IRS transcript investigation and analysis. Next, discuss your case in detail with us.
Together, we can determine if your case needs an Attorney, or if you are better off using Enrolled Agents.
Lastly, hang up and get your 1st good night’s sleep in a long time, knowing that we got your back.
Bring us on board, and we will immediately start to vigorously fight for you.
We will do everything possible to protect your assets, and to settle your case for the lowest amount possible.

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Free Consultation with an Enrolled Agent.