When Does the IRS File a Tax Lien?

When Does The IRS File a Tax Lien - Rush Tax Resolution

A lien can significantly and negatively impact your life, but when does the IRS file a tax lien and how can you remove them? Tax liens are issued against individuals with an outstanding tax balance who have failed to address their debt before a given deadline. For taxpayers with a tax debt of more than …

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Lien vs. Levy: What Is the Difference?

Tax Lein vs. Levy - Rush Tax Resolution

What is the difference between receiving a tax lien vs. levy and how can you resolve the issue? When the federal government finds that you are owing taxes and sends out a Notice of Deficiency, you have about 90 days to respond. In that time, you are encouraged to negotiate a payment plan with the …

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What Is a Tax Lien and How Can You Resolve It?

What Is a Tax Lien and Tax Lien Removal - Rush Tax Resolution

Receiving a notice of a tax lien can be intimidating, but what is a tax lien and how can it be resolved? Here’s what you should know. When the IRS recognizes that a taxpayer is far behind on their obligations, they have extraordinary debt collection powers. One of the most important tools in their toolkit …

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