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CBS KNX 1070 Veteran Anchor Personally Endorses Rush Tax Resolution

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Jennifer York Endorses Rush Tax  Resolution


KNX 1070 is consistently one of the top rated am radio stations in Los Angeles.  It is owned by CBS, and is the only Los Angeles station that plays news all day, every day.  We are extremely honored that Jennifer York has decided to personally endorse Rush Tax Resolution.  She only agreed to do this, after personally meeting with the staff of Rush Tax Resolution.  Jennifer has been at our offices now a few times.  Furthermore, she has seen actual results already obtained by her KNX listeners.


Many Los Angelinos have known and trusted Jennifer York for years.  Prior to her time on KNX, she was often seen on a couple of different tv stations.  She became famous for her personable reporting style, while flying in helicopters above LA. Jennifer is also a very accomplished jazz musician.  She is the leader of a local quartet and has won many accolades for her performances.




Here is just a sampling of what Jennifer saw at her last visit.  A local firm had fallen far behind on their payroll taxes.  There was an IRS Revenue Officer assigned to the case, that was threatening bank levies.  Worst yet, even the possible closure of their business.  Rush Tax Resolution was able to quickly step in, and obtain a collection hold to prevent levies.  We were then able to structure a long term repayment plan.  The deal was structured with payments starting out with a low graduated payment the first year.  Now, the firm can conduct business as usual without fear of levies.  In summary, they now have a workable low payment plan that they can live with. 


Perhaps, what impressed Jennifer the most, was her seeing our chart of Offers in Compromises approved over last 12 months. Rush has settled many cases with the IRS for people that owe from $35,000 up to over a million dollars.  Over the past couple of years, we have saved our clients over 2 million dollars.  Equally as important, we did this while keeping them safe from any collections.  See these results for yourself. Read the previous blog posting on this site. http://rushtaxresolution.com/blog/

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Jennifer York Endorses Rush Tax Resolution

There are so many tax relief firms that advertise on the radio.  

How do you know who you can really trust?


Here are some pointers for you to look out for.  First, make sure you are able to speak directly to an Enrolled Agent.  An Enrolled Agent is the only tax professional that is licensed directly by the US Treasury Department.  Specifically, many firms act like sales boiler rooms with unlicensed sales people on commission only.  They care about one thing, collecting money from you regardless of what the result is going to be.  Second, make sure the firm does not have any existing BBB complaints on file.  Here is our record. We have a zero complaint history!   https://www.bbb.org/losangelessiliconvalley/business-reviews/taxes-enrolled-agent/rush-tax-resolution-in-woodland-hills-ca-354752/reviews-and-complaints 


Secondly, and another very important point, do not pay any firm anything until you get a written agreement from them.  In particular, the agreement needs to guarantee you a flat, fixed fee for the entire process.  There are many firms out there that try to trick taxpayers to signing up with them.  They start by quoting a smaller fee than other legitimate firms. However, once you are a client, they will insist that you need to pay them more.  They will make up reasons, such as it is for “phase 2” of the process, or because there is additional unforeseen work.


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