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Triple Crown Winner of Incredible 5-Star Yelp Reviews!!

Thank you to Murad, Hunter and Dave for the fantastic 5-star Yelp reviews! We can’t thank you enough for trusting Rush Tax and our superstar experts to put an end to your IRS problems for good!

Murad G.
5.0 star rating

I normally don’t give 5 stars. Michael G from Rush Tax made my IRS nightmare process bearable and go away. I used to get anxiety every time I got a letter from IRS. Signing the certified letter was an anxiety provoking nightmare. Michael made it so much better. I would scan the letter and send it to him. He would assure me and tell me not to worry. He really take all my worries away. I used to deal with IRS on my own. I would spend on average of 90-120 minutes on the phone just to get no where. He was worth every penny I spent. He was able to negotiate a reasonable amount to pay to IRS and helped set up a payment plan. He dealt with the agents and worked through all the paperwork. Not only did he solve my issues but he saved me so much time. I would recommend him to anyone and worth every star.

Hunter B.
5.0 star rating

I have been working with Jessica T with Rush Tax Resolution for several years cleaning up a situation I got myself in to. She has gone way above board helping explain to me my options all the while making feel respected and confident. I would highly recommend her service as well as the company as a whole. The entire team is top notch making each step easy and most important compliant. Thank you Jessica and Rush Tax.

Dave P.
5.0 star rating

My experience with Rush Tax Relief was very positive. I had a very high balance owing the IRS and Michael G was able to negotiate a monthly payment arrangement which frankly was way below what I would have ever expected the IRS to accept. He was super responsive and very well versed in the ways of the IRS Thanks again!

An experienced tax professional can navigate the IRS’s rules, statutes, and payment options to help you find the best way to eliminate your tax debt. Take the guesswork out of paying off your debt by speaking with a tax professional today.



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