Rush Tax Billboard off the 405

KLOS Rush Tax Billboard 405 Lawndale

Stuck in Traffic? It Might Be Your Lucky Day!

The next time you find yourself crawling along the 405 North/South, here’s your chance to use that time to get ahead! You might be making ZERO progress driving to wherever you’re going, but Rush Tax Resolution is making it easy to use that time to move forward with ZERO tax problems!

Our number is literally up in lights on that AWESOME KLOS 95.5 billboard – all you have to do is call it and we’ll take care of the rest. Got levied? Call us. Paycheck garnished? Call us. Scary notices from the IRS piling up? Call us!

But seriously – CALL US AT 855-477-2255. Make that hour and a half just sitting there in traffic the best thing that’s happened to you!

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